Admin Columns Pro

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What is Admin Columns Pro?

Admin Columns Pro allows you to customize and organize the columns in your WordPress admin screens, allowing you to view, edit, and manage your content more efficiently.

Why Use Admin Columns Pro?

  1. Enhanced Content Management: It lets you add, remove, or reorder columns on various WordPress screens, such as the post, page, user, comment, and media libraries.
  2. Sorting and Filtering: Sort and filter your data right from the admin columns.
  3. Custom Field Integration: Integrates with custom fields, allowing you to display and edit custom field data in the columns view.
  4. Customizing Columns: Easily drag and drop to rearrange columns according to your preferences.
  5. Inline Editing: Modify content directly from the columns view. Whether you need to update post titles, categories, or custom fields, you can make changes without leaving the current screen.