Bunny.net Storage v. Streaming For Video Delivery

Why Do I Need Bunny.net?

Video content is very different from static website media like images, pdf files or text.

It requires a specialized and dedicated type of server, and the storage and bandwidth requirements of delivering video are much higher because of the nature of how video works (for example: you cannot “cache” a video on the client browser easily like you can an image or web page).

Bunny.net is a very inexpensive but specialized service that can be used with your WPLaunchkit site to eliminate all of the problems of hosting and storing your own media. This includes images, pdf files and (especially) video content.

It costs pennies per month but delivers an optimal experience for your users, and a much better management experience for you versus having a bloated media library.

Storage v. Streaming

Here is a fantastic article that explains the basic differences between Content Delivery and Streaming Video when using Bunny.net

Here is a video showing the differences in action:

It is recommended that you use Storage if you have small videos or background images, under 3Mb. Otherwise, use the Streaming option to ensure the best overall user experience for your video content as well as the benefits of security, organization and analytics.