Conditional Blocks Pro

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What is Conditional Blocks Pro?

It enhances the functionality of the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) by allowing you to create dynamic and conditional content on your website.

Why Use Conditional Blocks Pro?

1. Dynamic Content:

  • Display content dynamically based on various conditions. This means you can show or hide specific content blocks, widgets, or sections of your website based on user behavior, user roles, date and time, and more.
  • You can personalize content for different user segments.

2. User Experience:

  • Conditional content can guide users through your website, helping them find relevant information or take desired actions.

3. Targeted Marketing:

  • Implement targeted marketing strategies. For example, you can display special offers or promotions to specific user groups, show related products based on user interests, or customize your call-to-action buttons for different audience segments.

4. Member and E-commerce Sites:

  • You can customize content and offers for different membership levels, display product recommendations based on user browsing history, or show special discounts to loyal customers.

5. Time-Sensitive Content:

  • You can schedule content to appear or disappear at specific times and dates. This is useful for promotions, events, or any content that needs to be time-sensitive.

6. User Roles and Permissions:

  • Control who sees what content based on user roles. For instance, you can show different content to administrators, editors, subscribers, and other user roles.