Exporting & Importing Pages

Export Content

Exporting the correct content is the first step of the process and can be done with tools directly in WordPress. Be sure to preform the export from the source site that you want to copy the posts/pages from.

  1. Login to the wp-admin of the source site
  2. Hover over Tools
  3. Click Export
  4. Choose what to export
    • Should you choose to export posts only, keep in mind that featured images will not be carried over and must be manually imported again on the destination site.
  5. Click Download Export File

Import Content

Importing requires you’ve first exported the necessary content correctly. You should have a file downloaded from the previous step that you wish to import before beginning.

Be sure to perform this step on the destination site that you want to copy the posts/pages to.

  1. Login to the wp-admin dashboard of the destination site
  2. Hover over Tools
  3. Click Import
  4. Click WordPress
  5. Click Install Now and/or Run Importer
    • If you do not have the WordPress importer installed, you will see a prompt to install the plugin and must do so before continuing
  1. Browse your computer for the exported XML file from the source site and select it
  2. Click Upload File and Import
  1. Select the name of the Author user that will be assigned the posts and pages
  2. (Optional) Download and import file attachments
    • Check this box to import photos and other media files attached to the post
  3. Click Submit