Fluent Forms Overview and Quick Start


Fluent Forms is the ultimate solution for seamless form creation and management. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or developer, Fluent Forms empowers you to build and manage forms on your website effortlessly. Say goodbye to complicated coding and hello to a user-friendly interface that puts you in control. Fluent Forms is the tool to gather and organize data efficiently, from simple contact forms to complex surveys.

Why Use FluentCRM:

  • Intuitive Interface: Create forms effortlessly with our drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for complex coding skills.
  • Versatile Form Fields: Choose from a wide range of pre-built form fields to collect various types of data, including text, checkboxes, radio buttons, file uploads, and more.
  • Customization Options: Personalize your forms with customizable themes, layouts, and styling options, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your website’s design.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Build contact forms, subscription forms, order forms, surveys, quizzes, and more, adapting to your unique business needs.
  • Conditional Logic: Create dynamic forms that adjust based on user responses, ensuring a tailored and user-friendly experience

Suggestions for Application:

  • Contact Forms: Create sleek and interactive contact forms that allow website visitors to easily reach out to you for inquiries, feedback, or support.
  • Lead Generation: Design eye-catching subscription forms to capture leads and grow your email list for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Surveys: Build comprehensive surveys to gather insights from your customers, helping you improve products, services, and overall customer experience.
  • Feedback and Reviews: Create forms to collect feedback and reviews from customers, aiding in quality improvement and reputation management.
  • Feedback and Support Forms: Enhance customer service by implementing dedicated support forms that guide users to provide relevant information for faster issue resolution.

Quick Start Instructions:

Step 1: Access Fluent Forms 

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to “Fluent Forms.”

Step 2: Creating a New Form

  1. Click the “Add New Form” button to start building a new form.
  2. Choose a template or start from scratch.
  3. Edit with drag and drop form fields from the panel on the left onto your form canvas.

Step 3: Customize and Configure

  1. Customize each form field by clicking on it to reveal options like labels, placeholders, and validation rules.
  2. Set up conditional logic to show or hide form fields based on user input.
  3. Adjust the form layout, theme, and styling using the provided customization tools.

Step 4: Integration and Notifications

  1. Configure form settings such as confirmation messages and redirection after submission.
  2. Set up email notifications to receive form submissions and keep track of user interactions.
  3. Integrate with FluentCRM.

Step 5: Publish Your Form

  1. Save your form settings and click toggle to “Active” when you’re ready to make your form live.
  2. Copy the shortcode generated by Fluent Forms.
  3. Paste the shortcode into any post, page, or widget on your WordPress website.

Congratulations! You’ve just created and published your first form using Fluent Forms. Start collecting valuable data and engaging with your audience like never before.