Free Or Paid Coaching Calls


It is easy to add new prospects to your FluentCRM database by way of a free Fluent Form. We’ve provide one for you in LaunchKit called “Coaching Call”

When you do this, it is possible to then pass this person to a custom calendar on Calendly where they can choose a convenient day/time to meet with you.

Since the contact will already be in your CRM, you can pass their first name, last name and email to Calendly so the contact does not have to fill out their personal information a second time.

Calendly Setup

It is free to open a new account at and have one personal schedule.

After you’ve created a free (or paid) Calendly account, you will be able to copy the url of your calendar to use as the destination where users are directed after submitting the “Coaching Call” form.

The format of the URL you need will look something like “

After you copy this URL, you need to go into the “Coaching Call” form and paste it into the Fluent Forms / Forms / Coaching Call / Confirmation Settings / Custom URL box as shown below.

Redirect String

This you can copy and paste to use on another form, as it is the mapping of your LaunchKit form fields to the fields on the standard (free) calendar scheduling tool in Calendly, including the extra info field.

Simply copy this and paste it into the “Redirect Query String” field of any FluentForm, being sure to also check the box for “Pass Field Data Via Query String” as shown in the image below.


Note: Be sure to click Save Settings button at bottom of page

Zoom Integration

When configuring your Calendly calendar, you have the option to set the location for your meeting to be on Zoom (or other online meeting services). Zoom is free to setup at and you should acquire an account if you do not have one already. See more details on Calendly’s Website

In your LaunchKit, the “Coaching Call” form is used to intake the first name, last name and email from either a prospect (someone who has not previously been added to your CRM) or from an existing contact in your CRM, such as a prior customer.

If someone is not otherwise registered and logged-in, they can input their information via the form, and when submitted, this information will be compared to what is already in the CRM.

If they do not yet have a contact profile, one will be created, and a new tag will be added for marketing automation purposes, with the name of “scheduled coaching call“. This tag will allow you to later segment anyone who has submitted this form.

For simplicity, we use the same “Coaching Call” form for paid buyers as well. This allows you to take payment for a call before someone schedules.

Note: Even though we could further protect this scheduling form from being visible unless or until someone pays, we have not done so here, because it is typically unnecessary with personal consultations. Since you know whether your client has paid prior to the actual coaching call, you can verify that payment has been made before proceeding with providing any services.

We have included a product in LaunchKit called “Paid Coaching Call”.

This is already configured for you to use, including an example price, and sample image.

Simply change the title, price, and image for you to use it with your own coaching calls.

Note also that this product applies a marketing automation tag called “purchased coaching call” whenever a customer purchases this product. This will make it easy to segment any people who have paid for a coaching call vs. scheduling a coaching call (for free).

We have already configured your paid coaching call product with LaunchFlows so that it redirects the buyer to a stand-alone page called “Schedule A Call” where the “Coaching Call” form has been embedded.

This means that once a buyer has completed a checkout, they will be directed to the Schedule A Call page to verify that the automatically-filled data for first name, last name and email are what they wish to use for scheduling a call (some people may want to pay with one set of credentials but schedule with others).

FluentCRM Contacts

Whether someone is added to your FluentCRM by way of using the free form, or by way of paying for a paid coaching call, they will have a new contact profile added to FluentCRM that enables you to easily track their progress, measure how much they’ve done or paid you, and to segment them for future follow-up automations.