How To Enable Companies With FluentCRM

Log into WordPress Dashboard

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard by entering your credentials.

Access FluentCRM Settings

  • On the left sidebar, find and click on ‘FluentCRM’ to expand the options.
  • Now, click on ‘Advanced Features Config.’

Enable Company Module

  • Look for the option labeled ‘Enable Company Module for Contacts’ and check the box next to it.
  • This action will create a new menu in the Contacts section where you can manage company-specific information.

Manage Company Records

  • Under the ‘Contacts’ menu, you’ll find the newly added section for managing company records.
  • For each company record, you can add multiple Notes & Activities to keep track of interactions and information.

Save Your Settings

  • Don’t forget to save your settings after making the changes to ensure they take effect.

You can then navigate to the ‘Contacts’ menu in FluentCRM to view and manage the company records you’ve created.