How To Point Your Domain Name

Configure Your DNS

  1. Log in to your DNS (Domain Name Management) account
  2. Navigate to the DNS Management for the domain you want to point to your LaunchKit Site
  3. Locate the A record for your domain
    • This is either @ or your domain.
  4. Update this field with the following IP address:
  5. Click Save
  6. Locate the www record
    • If the www record exists, edit the www record to point to either @ or your domain name
    • If the www does not exist, please create the record as follows:
      Type: CNAME
      Name: www
      Host: either @ or your domain

Email Us That You’re Ready To Park The Domain

Once you’ve completed the steps above, email us at and provide:
1) Your existing LaunchKit URL (the one you received when you signed up that the site is on now)
2) Your Domain Name in full that you have pointed (using steps above)

We Will Email You When The Domain Is Resolved

We will monitor when your DNS fully resolves to the new domain name and email you when ready.