We present your product or service to a new world of prospective buyers and make it easy for them to say “yes!”

More Paying Customers

If you run a WordPress Product, Service or Hosting Company, our exclusive LaunchKit Sponsorships offer a new and unique channel for new buyer acquisition, partnerships and brand awareness. We make it EASY for anyone to understand your product or service.

The Offer

As a LaunchKit Sponsor, your product or service will be featured to our growing audience of subscribers via:

1) Featured Newsletter Placement – For your software, service or hosting brand into our weekly Newsletter
2) Demo Site Solutions – Showing your brand in a variety of fully functional & attractive live demo solutions
3) Custom Video Content – That features your brand in the most favorable light across multiple media channels
4) New Customer Acquisition – Featuring your brand in related partner promotional offers & live/online events

The Details

1) Featured Newsletter Placement

Our weekly Newsletter features a unique set of products and services in order to maximize engagement by our readership. We have partnered with a growing list of companies sharing the LaunchKit Newsletter with their list of prospective buyers. A featured listing presents and demonstrates your brand’s solution to WordPress business owners.

2) Demo Site Solutions

One-click website demonstrations that feature your product within a fully operational WordPress solution. These provide prospective customers an immediate and satisfying clarity of vision as to how your product or service will deliver valuable benefits and solutions.

3) Custom Video Content

Our team, led by Spencer Forman, have over sixteen years providing video marketing, promotion and evangelism to the WordPress community. We eliminate the need for you to hire a separate agency or team to create the content you need for successfully marketing and promoting your product or service.

4) New Customer Acquisition

We bring you more leads via strategic partnerships and promotions. Our one-click demonstrates make it easy for customers to understand how all the parts of a WordPress solution work together, thereby showing your brand in a most favorable light to a larger audience of prospective customers than you would otherwise achieve on your own.

Concierge Pricing:

LaunchKit sponsorships are tailored to fit any reasonable budget, whether for a one-time engagement or ongoing basis.
Learn more by emailing us at help@wplaunchify.com or completing the form below: