Watch Me Solve The Top 10 WordPress Creator Problems from 2023..Spence


Hi, it’s Spence!

Many of you are waking up this morning to find that WordPress 6.3 has made its way into your Creator sites, or those of your clients

Based on the posts in the WP forum…I hope you’re having a better day than others!

What if you didn’t have to worry about all the problems that come from updating and maintaining a code base that has so many RANDOM possible combinations?

What if a friend curated the best features together into one “platform” for you?

Like Legos or IKEA furniture

As long as you stick to what they offer, you can’t go wrong…no matter your age or experience…easy!

WordPress provides an incredible community of people and software, but it gets in its own way because of how the marketplace has evolved

Too many choices, too much conflicting information, no “top down” management of the user experience like one gets at a Lego store or IKEA

This leads to smart Creators being frustrated, wasting time, losing revenue

After hundreds of personal Zoom calls this year, I’ve compiled a list

Here are the Top Ten WordPress Creator Problems from 2023 :

1) Hosting – Where to host, caching configuration, SSL, parking domains, backups, etc.

2) Software – Dozens of separate subscriptions, who will support what, sharing cost of licensing with clients, cancellation, updates that break things

3) Transactional Engine – How to have one place to take money one time or multiple payments, easily account for transactions on a daily basis and for tax purposes

4) Lead Generation & List Building – How to capture, track and nurture prospective customers automatically and WITHOUT incrementally increasing costs

5) Marketing & Promotion – How to easily produce attractive sales pages on your site or with other popular tools like Canva, but have them connected to your Transactional Engine

6) Membership & Content Delivery – How to offer products, services and content to paid members easily and automatically based on the state of their subscription

7) Marketing Automation – How to track and manage the personal journey of every prospect from your list through purchase and beyond, without cost or complexity

8) Sales Funnels – How to deliver someone from anywhere on the Internet directly to your custom checkout experience with a simple link, instead of making them browse your shop

9) Events & Private Consultations – How to easily offer and sell one to many or one to one engagements, either online or in person, connected to popular tools like Calendly

10) Support & Communication – How to directly interact with your prospects and customers from your own site and email, with full knowledge of their customer history

Do you have any of these problems yourself or with your client sites?

If so, then watch me solve them this Friday, August 11th, 2023 at 1pm Central (Chicago)

I’m hosting our first live “open office hours” for the LaunchKit Platform and I’d like for you to join me live (click here to view live stream url)

Plus, you can ask your own questions, whether you’re curious or because you’ve already joined us as a founding member

Ok…I have so much to do this morning, my boys come back from 8 weeks of summer camp today and let’s just say “that summer went fast!”. Gotta get my house in order 😉